Reinhold, Oswald, Conrad

Reinhold Schünzel, Richard Oswald (director) and Conrad Veidt in a still from the film

Unheimliche Geschichten (Uncanny Stories) is a 1919 German horror/black comedy film directed and produced by the prolific Austrian film director Richard Oswald, starring Conrad Veidt, Anita Berber and Reinhold Schünzel.


This was an anthology film combining five stories framed by a narrative set in a book shop (a technique later used for Paul Leni's Waxworks). Portraits of a Strumpet, Death, and the Devil come to life and amuse themselves by reading stories--about themselves, of course, in various guises and eras. The stories used were: The Black Cat; The Suicide Club; Anselme Heine's Die Erscheinung; co-scripter Robert Liebmann's Die Hand; and Oswald's own Der Spuk.

Survival StatusEdit

Surviving prints of the film were edited together in Europe and shown as a whole feature at the annual Luminato arts festival in Toronto in June 2009.[1]


  • Anita Berber as Woman (ep.1) / Girlfriend (ep.2) / Wife of drunk (ep.3) / Sister of club president (ep.4) / Wife (ep.5)
  • Conrad Veidt as The stranger (ep.1) / The assassin (ep.2) / Traveller (ep.3) / Club president (ep.4) / Husband (ep.5)
  • Reinhold Schünzel as Former husband (ep.1) / Murderer (ep,2) / Drunk (ep.3) / Artur Silas,detective (ep.4) / Travelling Baron (ep.5)
  • Hugo Döblin
  • Paul Morgan
  • Georg John
  • Richard Oswald as Himself (uncredited)


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