The Sheik / The Son of the Sheik: Special Edition is a DVD released by Image Entertainment on June 25, 2002. It contains Rudolph Valentino's best known films, The Sheik and The Son of the Sheik.



Image Entertainment hired film preservationist David Shepard for the restoration. The Sheik comes from a 35mm nitrate master which was in good condition and contained all the original title cards. Color tinting was restored according to Paramount's original continuity.

The Son of the Sheik was taken from a 1937 print negative; with a few shots replaced from other prints. The music for both films was provided by Eric Beheim and his electronic "Cafe Maure Orchestra". The Son of the Sheik also has the option to use the 1937 musical score complete with vocals. Beheim assembled his score from period pieces which is detailed on the inside cover.


There are 3 extras provided on the DVD. Rudolph Valentino and his 88 American Beauties was never released theatrically as intended. The Sheik's Physique is a short that mainly involves Valentino in a bathing suit. Pathe newsreel: Rudolph Valentino Dead! shows footage of the actor's New York funeral and the mass hysteria that followed it.

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