Description Edit

The 1919 film, False Faces, details the adventures of a professional thief known as The Lone Wolf (acted by Henry B. Walthall). The film is based on a novel by writer Louis Joseph Vance, the script for the film by Irvin Willet. The Lone Wolf is assigned by British intelligence during the Great War (World War I) to steal a cylinder containing valuable information while on a boat ride to the United States. After accomplishing that task, he must deliver it in the hands Allied Intelligence. Edit

The Lone Wolf's efforts are opposed by German agent Karl Ekstrom (Lon Chaney), and his group of co-conspirators. Ekstrom, also known as [,_the_Hun Ekstrom, the Hun], is particularly responsible for the wartime deaths of The Lone Wolf's family, including his beloved sister, turning the matter into a far more personal one for the professional thief. As Lanyard states, "When I stood over her grave I dedicated my life to the extermination of Ekstrom and all of his breed." Edit

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