Quality articles are examples of our very best work on Silent Film Wiki, meeting high standards of writing and presentation. Silent Film Wiki contributors nominate, discuss and vote on articles; if an article passes, it is given star treatment on the first page.

In addition to meeting general style and content requirements for all Silent Film Wiki articles, it has the following attributes:

  • The article is well written. The prose is compelling, even brilliant.
  • The article is comprehensive. It does not neglect major facts and details.
  • It is factually accurate. Claims are verifiable against reliable sources and accurately present the related body of published knowledge. Claims are supported with specific evidence and external citations; this involves the inclusion of a "Sources" section in which sources are set out.
  • The article is neutral and presents views fairly and without bias.
  • It is stable and is not the subject of major ongoing edits, and its content does not change significantly from day to day -- vandalism reverts and improvements based on reviewers' suggestions do not apply.
  • It makes appropriate use of images, when available.
  • It is of appropriate length, giving details and significant information, yet stays focused on the main topic without going into irrelevant or unnecessary detail and repetition.

Quality articles are different from Today on Silent Film Wiki nominees, which highlights current events and new, fun, relevant or interesting articles that may, or may not, be up to quality article standards.

Not all topics or articles within the scope of Muppet Wiki will be able to achieve quality status due to the nature of the subject. While a given article may be "better" than other articles of its type, the article is still not necessarily of quality status – being a quality article is not a comparative award, but rather based solely on the full potential of the subject and article itself. Additionally, just because an article is "as good as it could ever be" does not mean that it is worthy of quality status – some article topics are inherently lesser in scope.


Before being awarded quality status, articles are nominated and reviewed via quality article nominations to assess accuracy, neutrality, completeness, and style in order to insure quality. When an administrator feels a nomination has had ample time for review, has overcome all objections and is up to quality article standard, then they can award "quality article" status.

When considering articles for nomination, it should be noted that the appropriate length of an article is proportionate to the subject: a short article can be of high quality and meet the standards defined by the criteria. Furthermore, those standards do not limit the article for future improvements.