A quality article should exemplify Silent Film Wiki's very best work. Quality status is given based on merit, as determined by the Silent Film Wiki contributors.




  • Check the quality article criteria and ensure that the article meets all of them before nominating.
  • Place ===[[name of nominated article]]=== under the nomination heading here.
  • Below this title, write your reason for nominating the article and sign with ~~~~.

Casting votesEdit

  • To support a nomination, write *'''Support:''' followed by your reasons.
  • To oppose a nomination, write *'''Oppose:''' followed by your reasons.
  • To comment on a nomination without voting, write *'''Comment:''' followed by your comment.
  • Your vote can be changed at any time. If you change your vote, don't delete the old vote -- that comment is an important part of the discussion. Instead, put a line through the old vote by adding <strike> and </strike> around the previous comment.

Awarding Quality statusEdit

  • A decision is made two weeks from the day that an article is nominated.
  • An article with at least 3 supporting votes (not counting the nomination) and no opposing votes gets Quality status.
  • An article with 2 supporting votes remains on the list for another week. If the article doesn't earn 3 supporting votes by the end of three weeks, it's removed from the nomination slate.
  • An article with 0-1 supporting votes after two weeks is removed from the nomination slate.
  • One opposing vote can "veto" a nomination. There are two ways to deal with an opposing vote. If the article is improved enough to satisfy the person who cast the opposing vote, then it can be removed. If the opposing vote is based on unrealistic or unreasonable criteria, then three supporters can vote to "overturn" the veto. An article with an opposing vote can't be given Quality status until one of those conditions is met.