Sex Symbol is a famous person who is generally seen to be exuding sexuality; as well as being sexual attractive. Generally a sex symbol's talents are considered second to their sexuality; usually to great frustration of the actors.


In the Silent era one of the first sex symbols was Asta Nielsen. In the 1910s Theda Bara and her vamp role was considered quitessential sex symbol. In the 1920s vamp gave way to flapper with Olive Thomas, Clara Bow, Nita Naldi, and Vilma Banky taking sex symbol status.

Towards the end of the silent era more glamorous women were seen as sex symbols including Gloria Swanson, Greta Garbo, and Jean Harlow.


During the silent era men were far likely less to recieve the status of sex symbol. In the 1910s Sessue Hayakawa took the status. In the 1920s Rudolph Valentino became the definition of a male sex symbol. Ramon Navarro also got the status.