Ossi Oswalda

Ossi Oswalda (February 2, 1899January 1, 1948), born Oswalda Stäglich, was a German actress, who mostly appeared in silent films.


Oswalda trained as a ballerina and became a dancer for a theater in Berlin. She made her film debut in Richard Oswald's Nächte des Grauens (Night of Horrors) before being discovered by the actor and screenwriter Hanns Kräly, who in turn recommended her to director Ernst Lubitsch. During her early career, she starred in several films by Lubitsch, including The Merry Jail, I Don't Want to Be a Man, The Oyster Princess and The Doll. Her popularity at the time earned her the nickname 'The German Mary Pickford'.[1]

In 1921, Oswalda started her own film production company with her husband at the time, baron Gustav von Koczian. However, during the next four years they only produced four films, all starring Oswalda. From 1925 on, she was contracted to Ufa.

Oswalda's career waned along with the silent film era, and she only acted in two sound films, making her final appearance on screen in the 1933 film The Star of Valencia. Later on, she became a stage actor, and in 1943, wrote the story for the Czechoslovakian film Ctrnáctý u stolu. Oswalda died in Prague at the age of 48, completely impoverished.


Silent filmsEdit

  • Der Hilferuf, 1916
  • Leutnant auf Befehl, 1916
  • Der Tod auf Zeche Silva, 1916
  • Der G.m.b.H.-Tenor, 1916
  • Das Fidele Gefängnis (The Merry Jail), 1917)
  • Ossi's Tagebuch, 1917
  • Wenn vier dasselbe tun (When Four Do the Same), 1917
  • Prinz Sami, 1917
  • Dem Licht entgegen, 1918
  • Das Mädel vom Ballett (The Ballet Girl), 1918
  • Der Rodelkavalier, 1918
  • Ich möchte kein Mann sein (I Don't Want to Be a Man), 1918
  • Das Schwabemädle, 1918
  • Meine Frau, die Filmschauspielerin (My Wife the Movie Star), 1918
  • Das Mädchen aus dem Wilden Westen, 1919
  • Das Millionenmädel, 1919
  • Die Austernprinzessin (The Oyster Princess), 1919
  • Die Puppe (The Doll), 1919
  • Hundemamachen, 1919
  • Die Wohnungsnot, 1919
  • Kakadu und Kiebitz, 1920
  • Putschliesel, 1920
  • Ein Weihnachtsfilm für Grosse, 1924
  • Niniche, 1924
  • Blitzzug der Liebe, 1925
  • Das Mädchen mit der Protektion, 1925
  • Herrn Filip Colins Abenteuer, 1925
  • Gräfin Plättmamsell, 1926
  • Die Fahrt ins Abenteuer (The Wooing of Eve), 1926
  • Schatz, mach' Kasse, 1926
  • Die kleine vom Varieté, 1926
  • Eine tolle Nacht, 1926
  • Das Mädel auf der Schaukel, 1926
  • Florette e Patapon, 1927
  • Es zogen drei Burschen, 1927
  • Wochenendbraut, 1927
  • Eddy Polo mit Pferd und Lasso, 1928
  • Die Vierte von rechts, 1928
  • Das Haus ohne Männer, 1928
  • Ossi hat die Hosen an (Sir or Madam) , 1928
  • Der Dieb im Schlafcoupée, 1929

Sound filmsEdit

  • Der keusche Josef, 1930
  • Der Stern von Valencia (The Star of Valencia), 1933

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