The following lists the film appearances of the actress and film producer Mary Pickford. A prolific performer in short films, averaging one per week over the first two years of her career, Pickford became one of the most popular of film actresses, and as a founding member of United Artists in 1919, also one of the most influential. Her career did not continue for long after the advent of sound film, although she continued to be a prominent figure in Hollywood, occasionally producing films until the end of the 1940s.

One reels (short films) Edit

# Title Role Notes
- 1909 -
1 The Heart of an Outlaw The Outlaw's Daughter
2 Mrs. Jones Entertains Pickford was billed as Dorothy Nicholson
3 The Fascinating Mrs. Francis
4 The Deception
5 The Drive for a Life
6 Two Memories Marion's Sister
7 His Duty one of the children
8 What Drink Did
9 The Violin Maker of Cremona Giannina
10 The Lonely Villa One of the Cullison children
11 The Son's Return Mary Clark
12 Her First Biscuits Biscuits Victim
13 The Faded Lilies
14 The Peachbasket Hat
15 The Mexican Sweethearts The Señorita
16 The Way of Man Winnie, Mabel's Cousin
17 The Necklace The Maid
18 The Country Doctor uncredited
19 The Cardinal's Conspiracy A Distinguished Servant
20 Tender Hearts Nellie
21 The Renunciation Kitty Ryan
22 Sweet and Twenty Alice
23 The Slave A Young Girl at Court
24 A Strange Meeting
25 They Would Elope Bessie
26 His Wife's Visitor Bessie Wright
27 The Indian Runner's Romance Blue Cloud's Wife
28 The Seventh Day The Maid
29 Oh, Uncle! Bessie
30 The Sealed Room A Lady in Waiting
31 The Little Darling Little Darling
32 The Hessian Renegades
33 Getting Even Miss Lucy
34 The Children's Friend
35 The Broken Locket Ruth King
36 In Old Kentucky
37 Wanted, A Child
38 The Awakening The Widow's Daughter Pickford contributed as writer
39 The Little Teacher The Little Teacher Pickford contributed as writer
40 His Lost Love Mary
41 In the Watches of the Night
42 Lines of White on a Sullen Sea
43 What's Your Hurry? Mary
44 The Gibson Goddess
45 The Restoration Alice Ashford
46 The Light That Came
47 A Sweet Revenge
48 A Midnight Adventure Eleanor
49 The Mountaineer's Honor Harum-Scarum, A Mountain Girl
50 The Trick That Failed Nellie Burt
51 The Test Bessie
52 To Save Her Soul Agnes Hailey
# Title Role Notes
- 1910 -
53 All on Account of the Milk The Young Woman
54 The Call
55 The Woman from Mellon's Mary Petersby
56 The Englishman and the Girl
57 The Newlyweds Alice Vance
58 The Thread of Destiny Myrtle
59 The Twisted Trail Molly Hendricks
60 The Smoker George's Wife
61 His Last Dollar
62 The Two Brothers
63 As It Is in Life George Forrester's Daughter
64 A Rich Revenge Jennie
65 A Romance of the Western Hills
66 The Kid unconfirmed
67 The Unchanging Sea The Daughter, as an Adult
68 Love Among the Roses The Lacemaker
69 An Affair of Hearts
70 Ramona Ramona
71 In the Season of Buds Mabel Pickford contributed as writer
72 A Victim of Jealousy The Wife's Friend
73 The Face at the Window
74 Never Again The Girl
75 May and December May Pickford contributed as writer
75 A Child's Impulse Grace
76 Muggsy's First Sweetheart Mabel Brown
77 What the Daisy Said Martha
78 A Flash of Light
79 Serious Sixteen
80 The Call to Arms A Messenger
81 An Arcadian Maid Priscilla
82 The Userer Invalid Daughter
83 When We Were in Our Teens Mary
84 The Sorrows of the Unfaithful Mary
85 Wilfull Peggy Peggy
86 Muggsy Becomes a Hero Mabel
87 Little Angels of Luck unconfirmed
88 A Summer Tragedy unconfirmed
89 Examination Day at School
90 The Iconoclast
91 A Gold Necklace Mazie
92 That Chink at Golden Gulch
93 The Masher
94 A Lucky Toothache Bessie
95 Waiter No. 5 The Chief of Police's Son's Fiancée
96 Simple Charity Pickford was billed as Gladys Nicholson
97 Sunshine Sue
98 The Song of the Wildwood Flute Dove Eyes
99 A Plain Song Edith
100 A Child's Stratagem
101 White Roses Betty
102 Little Nell's Tobacco
# Title Role Notes
- 1911 -
103 A Dog's Tale
104 The Daddy's Dream
105 When a Man Loves Tessie
106 Their First Misunderstanding
107 The Italian Barber Alice
108 The Dream
109 Maid or Man
110 Three Sisters Mary
111 At the Duke's Command one of the Ladies of the Court
112 When the Cat's Away Dorothy
113 The Mirror
114 Her Darkest Hour
115 The Convert
116 Pictureland Rosita
117 Artful Kate
118 A Manly Man
119 A Decree of Destiny Mary
120 The Message in the Bottle
121 Conscience
122 The Fishermaid
123 In Old Madrid
124 Sweet Memories Polly Biblett
125 The Stampede
126 Second Sight Gertrude Edgar
127 The Temptress
128 The Fair Dentist Edith Morton
129 For Her Brother's Sake
130 The Master and the Man Elsie Graham
131 The Lighthouse Keeper
132 Back to the Soil Sadie Allen
133 Behind the Stockade Lucy
134 In the Sultan's Garden Haidee
135 For the Queen's Honor The Princess
136 A Gasoline Engagement Flora Powell
137 A Quarter of Two Mrs. Warren
138 Science Mrs. Crawford
139 The Skating Bug
140 The Call of the Song Amy Gordon
141 The Toss of a Coin
142 By the House That Jack Built
143 'Tween Two Loves
144 The Sentinel Asleep
145 The Better Way A Salvation Army Lass
146 The Agressor
147 His Dress Shirt
148 From the Bottom of the Sea
149 The Courting of Mary Mary
150 Love Heeds Not Showers
151 Little Red Hiding Hood Little Red Riding Hood
# Title Role Notes
- 1912 -
152 Grannie
153 Honor Thy Father
154 The Mender of Nets The Net Mender
155 A Siren of Impulse
156 A Timely Repentance
157 Iola's Promise Iola
158 Fate's Interception The Mexican Girl
159 The Female of the Species The Miner's Wife's Sister
160 Just Like a Woman The Young Woman
161 Won By a Fish The Woman
162 The Old Actor The Old Actor's Daughter
163 A Lodging for the Night The Mexican Girl
164 A Beast at Bay The Young Woman
165 Home Folks The Young Woman
166 Lena and the Geese Lena Pickford contributed as writer
167 The School Teacher and the Waif Nora, the Waif
168 An Indian Summer The Widow's Daughter
169 The Narrow Road Mrs. Jim Holcomb
170 A Child's Remorse
171 The Inner Circle The Rich Italian's Daughter
172 With the Enemy's Help Faro Kate
173 A Pueblo Romance
174 A Pueblo Legend The Indian Girl
175 Friends Dora
176 So Near, Yet So Far The Young Woman
177 A Feud in the Kentucky Hills The Daughter
178 The One She Loved The Wife
179 My Baby The Wife
180 The Informer The Confederate Captain's Sweetheart
181 The New York Hat Miss Mollie Goodhue
# Title Role Notes
- 1913 -
182 The Unwelcome Guest The Slavey
183 Fate Pickford contributed as writer

Feature films (silent) : 1913 to 1927Edit

# Year Title Role Notes
1 1913 In the Bishop's Garden Nance Olden
2 Caprice Mercy Baxter
3 1914 Hearts Adrift Nina Pickford contributed as writer
4 A Good Little Devil Juliet
5 Tess of the Storm Country Tessibel Skinner
6 The Eagle's Mate Anemone Breckenridge
7 Such a Little Queen Queen Anna Victoria
8 Behind the Scenes Dolly Lane
9 His Gratitude
10 Cinderella Cinderella
11 1915 The Foundling Molly O also produced by Pickford
12 Broken Hearts
13 Mistress Nell Nell Gwynn
14 Fanchon, The Cricket Fanchon, the cricket
15 The Dawn of a Tomorrow Glad
16 Little Pal Little Pal
17 Rags Rags/Alice McCloud Pickford contributed as writer
18 Esmerelda Esmeralda Rogers
19 A Girl of Yesterday Jane Stuart Pickford contributed as writer
20 Madame Butterfly Cho-Cho-San
21 1916 Poor Little Peppina Peppina
22 The Eternal Grind Louise
23 Hulda from Holland Hulda
24 Less Than the Dust Radha
25 1917 All-Star Production of Patriotic Episodes for the Second Liberty Loan Peppina
26 The Pride of the Clan Margaret McTavish
27 The Poor Little Rich Girl Gwendolyn
28 A Romance of the Redwoods Jenny Lawrence
29 The Little American Angela Moore also produced by Pickford
30 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Rebecca Randall
31 The Little Princess Sara Crewe also produced by Pickford
32 1918 Stella Maris Miss Stella Maris/Unity Blake
33 Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley Amarilly Jenkins
34 M'Liss Melissa M'liss Smith
35 How Could You Jean? Jean Mackaye also produced by Pickford
36 Johanna Enlists Johanna Renssaller Pickford credited as executive producer
37 One Hundred Percent American Mayme
38 1919 Captain Kidd, Jr. Mary Mac Tavish
39 Daddy-Long-Legs Jerusha "Judy" Abbott also produced by Pickford
40 The Hoodlum Amy Burke Pickford credited as executive producer
41 Heart o' the Hills Amy Burke
42 1920 Pollyanna Pollyanna Whittier also produced by Pickford, though uncredited
43 Suds Amanda Afflick also produced by Pickford
44 1921 The Love Light Angela Carlotti also produced by Pickford
45 The Nut Party guest uncredited
46 Through the Back Door Jeanne also produced by Pickford
47 Little Lord Fauntleroy Cedric Errol/Widow Errol also produced by Pickford
48 1922 Tess of the Storm Country Tessibel "Tess" Skinner also produced by Pickford
49 1923 Rosita Rosita, a street singer also produced by Pickford
50 1924 Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall Dorothy Vernon also produced by Pickford. Pickford is also believed to have directed much of the film but is not credited as such.
51 1925 Little Annie Rooney Annabel "Little Annie" Rooney also produced by Pickford
52 Ben-Hur: A Tale of Christ crowd extra in chariot race uncredited
53 1926 The Black Pirate uncredited double for Billie Dove in "final embrace" scene
54 Sparrows Molly also produced by Pickford
55 1927 My Best Girl Maggie Johnson also produced by Pickford
56 The Gaucho Virgin Mary

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Feature films (sound) : 1929 to 1933Edit

# Year Title Role Notes
1 1929 Coquette Norma Besant produced by Pickford
winner of Academy Award for Best Actress
2 The Taming of the Shrew Katherine produced by Pickford
3 1930 Forever Yours unfinished film, not released
4 1931 Kiki Kiki produced by Pickford
5 11933 Secrets Mary Carlton/Mary Marlow produced by Pickford

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Feature films as producer only Edit

Pickford maintained a presence in Hollywood for many years after her retirement as an actress, and produced several films.

# Year Title Notes
1 1936 One Rainy Afternoon Directed by Rowland V. Lee, starring Francis Lederer and Ida Lupino
2 The Gay Desperado Directed by Rouben Mamoulian, starring Nino Martini and Ida Lupino
3 1946 Little Iodine Directed by Reginald Le Borg, starring Joanne Marlow and Marc Cramer. Pickford was executive producer (uncredited)
4 Susie Steps Out Directed by Reginald Le Borg, starring David Bruce and Cleatus Caldwell
5 1947 White Cradle Inn Directed by Harold French, starring Madeleine Carroll and Ian Hunter. Pickford was executive producer (uncredited)
6 The Adventures of Don Coyote Directed by Reginald Le Borg, starring Richard Martin and Frances Rafferty. Pickford was executive producer (uncredited).
7 Stork Bites Man Directed by Cy Endfield, starring Jackie Cooper and Meg Randall
8 1948 Sleep, My Love Directed by Douglas Sirk, starring Claudette Colbert, Robert Cummings and Don Ameche
9 1949 Love Happy Directed by David Miller, starring Harpo and Chico Marx, with Ilona Massey and Vera-Ellen, and Marilyn Monroe in an early role.

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