A Trip to Mars is a 1910 film made by Edison for his Home Kineoscope. It is a very short film similar to Melies' Trip to the Moon, being more fantastic and speculative than scientific.  



First inter title reads:

"The discovery of reverse gravity."

A man, presumably a scientist, discovers "reverse gravity" through mixing undisclosed powders in a bowl. The bowl begins to float in the air. The man dances about excitedly before pouring some powder on a chair in his laboratory or study room. The chair floats as well. The man dons his tophat and pours some of the powder down the front of his shirt. He floats out the window.

The next scene shows him moving around as he ascends through the air.

Second inter title reads:

"On the planet Mars."

The man moves around, upside-down on top of the screen, the surface of Mars. He has difficulty walking on the surface. He finds himself, now upside-right, walking through a forest of anthropomorphic tree-like beings. The beings make motions with their arms toward the man as he walks past them, causing him to be nervous.He exits the gathering of tree-beings and walks up a slanted flat boulder. A jet of something like steam strikes him. A giant, humanoid Martian blows on a drop of liquid. It drifts down and lands in his hand, becoming the Earth scientist. The giant laughs and blows his freezing breath on the man. The breath freezes the man, eventually encasing him into enough snow to make a snowball. The giant examines the snowball before placing it on a plate. He blows on it further, enlarging the snowball. The snowball turns into what looks a figure that floats away.

Third inter title reads:

"Homeward bound!"

The man descends, floating alternately upside-down to sideways to upright. He lands on the floor of his study and stands up. He holds his hands above his head to indicate Mars as he reflects on his journey.Excitedly, he walks to his table, gathering powder in his hands and throws it on the floor. The house begins to spin around as it rises in the air, dropping the contents onto the floor and around as the motion continues.

Fourth inter title reads:

"The End."

Trip To Mars: Edison 1910

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