A Message From Mars is a 1913 British film concerning a disgraced Martian named Ramiel (portrayed by E. Holman Clark) who is sent to Earth to reform a selfish, miserly man named Horace Parker (actor Charles Hawtrey). The film was adapted from a play by J. Wallet Waller. It is considered the first British science fiction film


Ramiel is brought before the God of Mars (R. Compton) for breaking one of the Laws of the Kingdom (of Mars). The God of Mars shows the selfish Horace Parker and examples Horace's thoughtless selfishness to Ramiel through a type of translucent sphere. One occasion of Horace's actions is when he fails to take his fiance Minnie (portrayed by Chrissie Bell) to a dance. Realizing his selfishness, Minnie removes the engagement ring, leaving it on a table in his house.

After having an ankh worn about his neck removed, Ramiel is ordered to Earth to reform Horace. Ramiel can perform amazing feats such as walking through doors and moving very quickly. Seemingly, Ramiel teleports to Earth. Ramiel guides Horace to different situations where Horace can be kind. Horace goes through these tasks, begrudgingly assisting to show that he can be compassionate. Since his sincerity is lacking, Ramiel finally tranforms Horace's clothes into those of a street beggar. Horace is shown a destitute man named Bearer (Hubert Willis), whom Horace had previously sent away when Bearer came with a letter of recommendation for a job. Horace teams with Bearer to find them a job, planning to share the money. Bearer falls weak during their failed attempts to make money assisting rich people into their automobiles. Horace is saddened to see Bearer in such ill health, and tries to get him help. Ramiel tells Horace to go ask for help at a nearby house, which Horace does. The woman in the house sends Horace and Bearer away. Horace is saddened at Bearer's continued ill health. Ramiel tells Horace to search is pockets, where the latter finds a sovereign. Horace excitedly tells Bearer they will share halves of the money. Ramiel returns to Mars, successful in his mission to reform Horace. Horace's clothes and belongings are restored to him. He uses the return of his former situation to help Bearer, taking the man to his house. Ramiel returns to Mars, welcomed back by his fellows there. They watch further Horace's reformed character when he sees a fire n a nearby house and rushes in to save the children inside. Horace continues on helping the family. Minnie returns to Horace, accepting once more the engagement ring. Ramiel's ankh necklace is restored to him.

Link to full film on Youtube

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